Getting ready for hanami!

This weekend we’re going to see the cherry blossoms at High Park! I just found out that cherry-blossom-viewing is called hanami in Japanese. I also heard that part of the custom is eating sakura mochi, and my wasashi chronicles has a recipe for it (that’s where I got this lovely picture too!). The rice is pink and it’s filled with red bean paste and it’s so cute-looking! I’d love to try one if I have a chance!

If I were more culinarily skilled I would happily pack a picnic with sakura mochi and onigiri and other cute-looking bento items (this blog post has some great examples, and bizarre ones as well…) for this weekend. But I have much more patience for crocheting than cooking, so I decided to make a sakura mochi pin to wear to the hanami!


Sakura mochi is extra special because in the process of making it I actually took the time to write down the pattern. SO! This will be the first time I write up a pattern and share it (by posting it here and on Ravelry). I haven’t had time to type it out properly yet (right now it’s all scribbles and made-up charts that only I can understand), but I’m very excited! Mind you, it’s a super simple straightforward pattern. If you know how to crochet you would probably figure it out just by looking at the picture. But still, it’s a step forward — who knows what it will lead to?

That reminds me, I recently came across this website called Puricute via MEOMI (the brilliant people who created the Olympic mascots!). It’s like making sticker pictures without having to go to Pacific Mall! I even found a hanami-themed background! And there are stamps! The random sparkles and small onigiri are stamps. I know, the picture is sooo overdone — but the stamps are far too much fun, I couldn’t help myself!

Praying for good weather this weekend! The weather network said there’s 60% chance of rain :( But they’re hardly ever accurate, aren’t they? Enjoy the cherry blossoms or other blooming trees wherever you are! :D

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for hanami!

  1. sakura mochi! like the ones in restaurant city! :D
    i wish i could go to a hanami too…it’d be like the field trip in “goldfish warning”! ~*^o^*~

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