Favourite-things Friday

This week’s Favourite-things Friday is dedicated to one of my favourite people on earth — my one and only sister. She’s graduating from university this year, and she loves clouds. So I figure I’d share some pictures of clouds to celebrate!

In the past months I have been taking lots of pictures of clouds. Our windows face west so we get to enjoy magnificent sunsets everyday, and everyday the sunset looks different, and everyday when I stop to admire the sunset I would think of my sister. She’s also introduced me to places like The Cloud Appreciation Society and Clouds 365 Project. These places are dangerous because I’d easily spend hours looking through pictures of clouds and not get any house/school work done! But then I’d feel so blessed and inspired afterward, so it’s well worth the time.

Here are some pictures that I have taken since February. I usually take cloud pictures behind one of our windows (the only one I can stand close to because it doesn’t have furniture or my clutter of stuff in from of it) so they’re mostly from the same angle. And on cloudless days I try to capture the radiant colours of the setting sun. Enjoy!

And over the years watching clouds has also become one of my favourite things to do. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my sister for inspiring me to stop and experience the simply joy of cloud-watching. I’d like to thank her for opening my eyes to the beauty (and the poetic quality of things!) surrounding us everyday; it brought me healing in times of great trials. I know that she will continue to inspire many others with her kindness and her ability to see and appreciate the everyday miracles that are often taken for granted.

Have a lovely weekend!

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