Point & Shoot Wednesday

Finally! Pictures from last Saturday’s cherry blossom festival!

There isn’t really an official festival in the city, I don’t think, thought I might be wrong… either way, I just like to call it a festival, because it’s such a great celebration of spring! Even though it was a rather cold day there were still quite a few people at the park. Lots of cheerfulness and excitement despite the grey sky and raindrops!

Tree hugs!

This is what I would see without my glasses… makes an interesting picture actually. I’ve been taking more of these blurry pictures lately. Patches of light and colour, soft edges blending into one another.

I think the flower buds look like sakura mochi :D

The tradition of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) involves eating sushi and drinking sake under the cherry trees. I thought about packing a picnic as well, but it was too cold so we visited the cafe in the park instead. I did bring along a crocheted sakura mochi though :D

I was amazed to see blossoms growing out of the tree trunk.

Hello friend! :D

Uh… hello, friend.

It was such a magical time; I was sad to leave at the end… but I’m sure we’ll be back next year though!

Enjoy the spring flowers in your neighbourhood!