Favourite-things Friday


Two years ago we planted some marjoram, among other herbs, and it thrived on the windowsill. I think I might plant more this year.

Napa cabbage is a staple in our home. I was finishing one up one day and was fascinated by what I found at the core of the cabbage. I thought it looked like some kind of deep-sea creature. And I thought it would make a nice picture with the filtered sunlight on the windowsill.

And yesterday, I was feeling rather thankful for the earth beneath my feet. As I formed the earth in my hand it turned into a container. And I contemplated the idea of the earth as a container. I thought about all the creatures and the things it has been containing through the ages. I wondered what stories it would tell of these things and creatures, if it could tell stories. I wondered how it feels about all these things and creatures, if it had feelings. And then I took a picture of it basking in the sun on the windowsill, with the peeling paint.

I like windowsills.