More favourite-things!

Tea, tea, and more tea.

A collage of TEA! And as you might know now making collages is also one of my favourite things to do. Cutting and pasting and putting together, whether it’s with URLs or paper/scissors/glue. Though after a rather draining work week (again) I’m feeling too lazy to set up a work space at the kitchen table today :P Setting up space on Big Huge Labs works for me just fine.

And I always learn some new things when I browse through pictures on flickr. For example, there are green tea and red bean KitKat bars in Japan! *drool* I hope I’ll come across one of those some day… And I’ve always wanted to get myself a blooming teapot… so pretty… The only thing stopping me is that I don’t really like herbal/flower tea too much. Well, I don’t like tea that don’t go well with lots of cream and sugar. But blooming teas are very pretty to look at and to take pictures of.

While browsing I kept seeing pictures of miniature pastries, and they look just like real pastries and just as cute except they’re much smaller, which makes them so much cuter! So then I looked up the photographer’s blog — so impressive! Be sure to take a look if you enjoy eye candy — literally! ;)

Sweet weekend everyone!

Photo credits:

1. cup of tea, 2. Green tea and red bean KitKats, interior, 3. Ice cube in ice tea, 4. tea towels, 5. Tea Eggs, 6. Mad Tea Party (Explored), 7. 2009 Photo Challenge — Day 43: Tea, 8. Green Tea, 9. Time for a Tea Party, 10. Red tea, 11. Red Tea Field., 12. Black tea / té negro, 13. The March Hare, Mad Hatter and Dormouse Have Tea, 14. Numi flowering tea — after, 15. Tea Drips, 16. Camellia Japonica (Tea Plant), 17. new year tea, 18. A cow in the tea plantation !!!, 19. Japanese Tea Flavoured Ice Cream, 20. 365/341 Tea set of unattainable green, 21. tea&honey, 22. TERUHA TAKING A TEA BREAK, 23. Tea and Cake!, 24. Numi flowering tea — before, 25. Miniature Food — Pistachio Tea Tray

2 thoughts on “More favourite-things!

  1. Beautiful collage — I couldn’t agree more on the tea front…black tea all the way for me! We are *major* tea snobs (unfortunately — I don’t take pride in that). Please tell me you meant milk and sugar though — not cream in tea?!?!?!?! I do cream in coffee, but it’s gotta be milk in tea!!! (I told you…tea snob…sorry about that…)

  2. hehehe, we do put cream in tea when we buy it, but we usually put milk. cream is actually really good in irish/english breakfast, but i would put it in any black tea :P

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