More favourite-things!

Tea, tea, and more tea.

A col­lage of TEA! And as you might know now mak­ing col­lages is also one of my favourite things to do. Cut­ting and past­ing and putting togeth­er, whether it’s with URLs or paper/scissors/glue. Though after a rather drain­ing work week (again) I’m feel­ing too lazy to set up a work space at the kitchen table today :P Set­ting up space on Big Huge Labs works for me just fine.

And I always learn some new things when I browse through pic­tures on flickr. For exam­ple, there are green tea and red bean KitKat bars in Japan! *drool* I hope I’ll come across one of those some day… And I’ve always want­ed to get myself a bloom­ing teapot… so pret­ty… The only thing stop­ping me is that I don’t real­ly like herbal/flower tea too much. Well, I don’t like tea that don’t go well with lots of cream and sug­ar. But bloom­ing teas are very pret­ty to look at and to take pic­tures of.

While brows­ing I kept see­ing pic­tures of minia­ture pas­tries, and they look just like real pas­tries and just as cute except they’re much small­er, which makes them so much cuter! So then I looked up the pho­tog­ra­pher’s blog — so impres­sive! Be sure to take a look if you enjoy eye can­dy — literally! ;)

Sweet week­end everyone!

Pho­to credits:

1. cup of tea, 2. Green tea and red bean KitKats, inte­ri­or, 3. Ice cube in ice tea, 4. tea tow­els, 5. Tea Eggs, 6. Mad Tea Par­ty (Explored), 7. 2009 Pho­to Chal­lenge — Day 43: Tea, 8. Green Tea, 9. Time for a Tea Par­ty, 10. Red tea, 11. Red Tea Field., 12. Black tea / té negro, 13. The March Hare, Mad Hat­ter and Dor­mouse Have Tea, 14. Numi flow­er­ing tea — after, 15. Tea Drips, 16. Camel­lia Japon­i­ca (Tea Plant), 17. new year tea, 18. A cow in the tea plan­ta­tion !!!, 19. Japan­ese Tea Flavoured Ice Cream, 20. 365/341 Tea set of unat­tain­able green, 21. tea&honey, 22. TERUHA TAKING A TEA BREAK, 23. Tea and Cake!, 24. Numi flow­er­ing tea — before, 25. Minia­ture Food — Pis­ta­chio Tea Tray

2 thoughts on “More favourite-things!

  1. Beau­ti­ful col­lage — I could­n’t agree more on the tea front…black tea all the way for me! We are *major* tea snobs (unfor­tu­nate­ly — I don’t take pride in that). Please tell me you meant milk and sug­ar though — not cream in tea?!?!?!?! I do cream in cof­fee, but it’s got­ta be milk in tea!!! (I told you…tea snob…sorry about that…)

  2. hehe­he, we do put cream in tea when we buy it, but we usu­al­ly put milk. cream is actu­al­ly real­ly good in irish/english break­fast, but i would put it in any black tea :P

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