A cuff named Rosie

Plunged into a craft project on Thursday night. It came from the rose cuff bracelet tutorial on Ruffles and Stuff! It’s one of my most favourite blogs to read, and it’s got amazing photography and many wonderful projects. And the rose cuff is just a brilliant idea and it’s very pretty… I’m planning to wear it to my sister’s graduation in a few weeks :D

The cuff is made with felt, petals from fabric flowers and pearly beads. I didn’t have fabric flowers with the right size of petals, but I had a bunch of fabric roses that Mike found lying in the middle of a street some years ago (he brought it home because he thought I could use it in a craft or something, and he was RIGHT! :D). So! I made a template with cardboard, cut off a bunch of petals, and cut out a flower shape from each petal.

I also cut some smaller flower shapes for the top layers of petals. It took a looooong time. I must have had over 80 petals at the end. And on the petals there were these fake dew drops. Fortunately they weren’t too difficult to get rid of. This one has some serious dew drops going on here…

And the sad pile of cast-offs…

Instead of using Velcro, I sewed on some mending tape to attach magnets for closure. (And the petals all lined up, ready for action!)

The tutorial suggested using glue gun to attach the flowers, which would make a stress-free and quick process, but I left my glue gun at work :( So, a needle pulling thread…

And here we have it, a cuff named Rosie :D

I’d like the petals to curl up more towards the centre, right now they look a bit flat… but I think I’m pretty happy with it, especially the bit of pink coming through.

Smile and wave…

Karate chop!

Uh, that was kind of random… but yes! it was really fun making the rose cuff. I really needed something to keep my hands busy and my mind calm this week, so I’m rather thankful :) The original project was designed as a Mother’s Day present, but I don’t think my mom would like to wear something like that. Rather, I’m thinking about making one for my 4 year-old cousin for Christmas, she likes flowery things, I think. (And no, it is never too early to think about Christmas presents.)

Have a wonderful weekend! :D

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