A giant pizza slice! (and pancake!) give away at My Paper Crane!

I like making tiny food plush, but this giant pizza slice look so hugable, I just NEED to have it on my couch! For hugging! While watching TV! Or to just sit beside it and crochet all afternoon, while drinking tea… sigh… So I entered the give away. I’ve never won any give away, but I will try anyway… And please check out the site owner’s other food and non-food plushes too! They’re all soooo adorable…

There’s a lot of generosity in the crafting community, I’ve noticed :D Lots of sharing of patterns, ideas, products, encouragement, inspirations… it’s just a great place to be in, and I’m starting to look for ways to participate more and perhaps make some new friends…

Hope you have a lovely Sunday! I will have updates about my latest adventures shortly :D

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