Favourite things of the week!

Hello… I have been buried in research and writing this week (literally, come check out my desk space), so I haven’t had time to craft… at all… ugh… feeling so dull and sad… :”(

But here are a few things that I’m keeping in mind once I have more time to make things! :D Crafting always makes me happy, even just the thought of it!

Check out this Filigree cardigan from Stitch Nation Yarn! Just spotted it on Ravelry today! This is definitely my next crochet project once I find yarn (and time)! Hmmm… what colour should I make it in?

And this pearl cluster pendant would create quite a pretty romantic feel with the filigree cardigan, you think? I saw this quite a while ago on Ruffles and Stuff.

Speaking of romantic feel, what about a plate of French macarons to complete the look? (Not to be confused with macaroons. Although a crocheted macaroon would probably look pretty interesting too) Well, these are definitely more cute than romantic. One look at them on Create! and I’m convinced that I need one in my plush family.

And what about macarons delivered in these handmade newspaper bags from What About Orange? They’re brilliant! I love craft ideas that use common materials around the house (an example of craft that uses odd uncommon materials is the rubber fish printing project from Martha Stewart Living. They’re definitely fascinating, but where on earth do you get life-like rubber fish forms? Anyway, I digress). Definitely an idea to keep on file for birthdays and Christmas! Perhaps I’ll make them in different languages! :D

AAAAAND finally, a question for you: which animation character is known for delivering small gifts?

… hmm…

Give up?

You mean, you don’t know?

You don’t know Totoro?

This is actually a Totoro desktop from Simple Desktops. Mike just discovered the website and was excited to find Totoro in the lineup of simple but awesome-looking desktops! I especially like desktops with lots of blank space, because I have lots of “unused desktop icons” (that’s what my computer calls them when it periodically sends me a pop-up note telling me to remove some of them). They’re not unused, just not used very frequently. I like having folders accessible. Anyway, I digress again… ugh… my brain is fried…

Anyway, here’s Totoro giving Satsuki and Mei a leaf parcel of acorns in his movie My Neighbor Totoro :D

Wishing you a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoy the small gifts of the everyday!

4 thoughts on “Favourite things of the week!

  1. Trish — I LOVE your stuff. I read it religiously. I must show you the centrepieces Jaimie and I are sewing for her batmitzvah. Maybe I’ll send some photos…

    xoxo Have a great weekend too.

  2. Thank you for the Stitch Nation link. I will be attempting the lettuce knit armwarmers (in grey) =) I guess I should test my gauge huh?

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