Tourist for a couple of hours

Needed to buy crochet hooks for workshop tomorrow. Was ridiculously happy after I found crochet hooks for $1 each, and the weather was just blissful, so I decided to wander about on the streets for a bit.

Saw racks of bikes for rent, by the happily blooming planters!

Large painted ice cream sign :D

HUGE flowers in the park!

And checking out the sweet souvenirs when I got home — freestone Ontario peaches! :D

I also visited Outerlayer and Grassroots. Really friendly stores with really interesting things to look at.

When I go away to other towns or city for vacation I always find everything interesting and I take pictures of everything. But there are probably similarly interesting or even more interesting things in the city I call home. I just don’t really look at them because I see them everyday.

So, anyway. Being a tourist in the city for a couple of hours was a refreshing experience. I’m looking forward to a weekend of crafting, and maybe even a festival or two!

Have a fabulous weekend!