The traveling hat of Raticus

Mike asked me to make a hat as a gift for Rati­cus the rat, who lives in his work­place and is mov­ing office. Before the hat was giv­en to Rati­cus dif­fer­ent ani­mals tried on the hat, because they had nev­er worn a hat before and were won­der­ing how they would look with one.

1st stop, Kennedy the explor­er rat in a yuc­ca jungle.
2nd stop, Ser­ta the British bird-watch­er sheep #99.
3rd stop, Abi­ma the sun-bathing monster.
4th stop, Moxy found her inner cowgirl.
5th stop, Robin the robin ready to go out for some field work.
Final stop! Rati­cus look­ing spiffy in his hat and scarf.

Hap­py trav­el­ling, Raticus!

2 thoughts on “The traveling hat of Raticus

  1. I’m Rati­cus’s mom and I am tick­led pink with his new hat. He looks dap­per and ready to take on the world, or his new work space at the very least.

    Hat’s off to the hat maker!

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