the scowl project

They’re like scarfs, but they’re actually cowls, so I call them scowls. I made them following the instruction on mer mag. Found fabric that I bought a long time ago but never had a use for, thought they’d be perfect for the scowl project! :D

I first used the polka dot fabric to make a narrower one.

Then I used this satiny floral fabric to make a wider version.

I actually quite like the look and drape of the floral one. It looks nicer when there’s less contrast in tones between the right and wrong sides of fabric, I think. Wore it out to the Knit Cafe for their Nuit Blanche display last night! :D

As you can see, the picture was taken with the Zumi and so it turned out really dark. Would probably looked better if I turned up the ISO but I forgot :P I also found the perfect camera case for it (which I’m holding in my left hand in the picture). A dear friend got it for me as a souvenir from Hong Kong. It says “it is a fish” on it :D

More pictures of Nuit Blanche coming soon! Have a great week ahead everyone!