Melancholy is a winter melon. Here he is, in his corner, moping.

What is a winter melon? Well, it looks like this.

It might sound really mean, but I had a lot of fun trying to make him look as melancholic as possible. The weather’s been really grey these days, I can’t help but feel a bit blah. Making this character takes a bit of the melancholy out of me.

Winter melons are actually quite delicious, especially in soup. I actually thought of making a watermelon first, but thought a melon that’s called “winter” might convey melancholy a bit more effectively.

… look how sad…

Don’t worry folks, as sad as he is, he’s being well taken care of and has a place to live up in the type case. Maybe he’ll brighten up when the sun peeks its head out of the clouds tomorrow, it’s supposed to be a nicer day.

Take care, everyone!

3 thoughts on “melancholy

  1. I think the winter melon was a good choice! Watermelons are so plump, and joyful! The shape of the winter melon allowed you to make it look almost droopy, and appear slouched over, which in my mind, is a more melancholic body position.

  2. Do it! I regularly equate my current mood or type of day I’m having to a different types of cookies. Its sort of a game my younger sister and I created together. So today is a warm caramel pecan cookie day because I’m in a pretty good mood and fairly relaxed because I just got back from an acupuncture appointment, hence the warm cookie with caramel, but also kind of inspired to go out and exercise, which today is equating to pecans, because they produce energy, and compliment the caramel nicely. You could totally do that with different types of foods, like vegetables!

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