Announcing… genuine mudpie, the Etsy shop! :D


I usually don’t write 2 posts in one day but this is exciting — I finally set up my very own Etsy shop!!! :D :D :D

I have been wanting to set up a shop since I first saw it in 2006! My friends have also been urging me whenever they request Christmas orders of crocheted magnets and pins (and by “they,” I mean Kitty. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without your long-time support and encouragement, friend!).

And so that’s why I changed the header! Just wanted it to reflect more of what I do and so it would match the shop banner. I really do like watercolour but I think I like crocheting plushes more :P

Setting up the shop actually took much longer than I thought — lots to think about in terms of policies and shipping and stuff. I’m kind of nervous about it… will test it out to see how it goes!

So! I put up some Monstermallow pins. The one above is one of them. I was so tempted to keep one for myself… but I guess I’ll just make another one later, so the shop is well-stocked!

And here are the other plushes in the shop! They’re ideas that I’ve been waiting to test out, like the All-Day Dim Sum.

I thought I must make the most popular item from my previous designs (and by most popular I mean my friend Kitty’s ordered it two years in a row) — the bok choy! For the shop I’ve made it into a set with another leafy Chinese vegetable, the choy sum.


Mike is again a great help in setting up the shop. He set up the photo-shoot and took all the awesome-looking photos with his super camera!

I hope you’ll pay the shop a visit! :D

4 thoughts on “Announcing… genuine mudpie, the Etsy shop! :D

  1. Trish!!

    This is really, really, really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I show everyone in my family and they all think your designs are super cool!!!! =) you betcha i’m going to give you an order soon! =)
    I love siu mai and I can think of so many others who would!


  2. MNAY MANY MANY congratulations!!!! You deserve this so much! I wish you all the best with your official site/shop!

    Go bok choy!

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