Favourite things of the week!

My favourite craft projects are the resourceful ones involving clever incorporation of things one can easily find around the house. Like this lone mitten squirrel I saw via Craftzine!

Mittens (or technically gloves?) that have holes in the fingertips also make excellent squirrel material! I’m hoping I can find a lone white mitten so I can make a white squirrel

And while browsing on Dollar Store Craft (a goldmine of thrifty craft ideas!) yesterday I came across these lovely skate ornaments from Not Quite Vintage, cleverly fitted with paper clips!

The post was from almost 3 years ago so you may have seen it already, but I just thought it’s brilliant and felt compelled to post it!

And my own thrifty project of the week was to make travel tags. The airline website suggested tying “unique” tags to our luggage for “easy identification”. I don’t own any travel tags and I thought the ones that the airline gives out at the airport aren’t very good for “easy identification”. So I scoured the house for materials and this is what I ended up with…

I found some vinyl material from packaging and bright colourful pictures from magazines. I then stacked them together and taped them to death with packing tape, scraping out as many bubbles as possible with a plastic card. I’m particularly pleased with the rubber ducky one.

My mom also suggested tying thick ribbons onto the luggage so we’ll be doing that as well.

Will be reporting from far, far away land of Hong Kong in a few days! (hopefully… depending on internet access) See you soon! :D

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