greetings from the beach!

Gone swimming with my grandparents a couple of days ago. They go swimming in the ocean every morning at 6am! Jorge and I were too busy collecting and watching the sunrise and forgot to take a picture of Jorge at the beach, but here he is with our bounty of treasure!

And behold, the sunrise!

There was an overwhelming amount of sea glass (note that they’re real sea glass, not beach glass from the lake!), I could hardly contain myself. This appears to be a bottom piece of a bottle, but not yet finished tumbling, so I put it back, but not before taking a photo of it :D

I even found a piece of ceramic with blue patterns on it (look for it in the picture with Jorge!). The shells I found were bigger than I expected. When I visited 9 years ago the shells were the size of my fingernails, if any. But this time they were at least an inch wide. I do hope that it means pollution’s been reduced a bit in recent years.

Rocky shore! (The sand was smooth in most parts of the beach though.)


Amongst the rocks we found barnacles! They looked striking on the red stone.


Algae dressed the rocks with threads of emerald green.


Grandpa caught 2 crabs underwater and brought them out to show us. I took a video of them shuffling away. A lady walked by and started watching them with us, saying “Run! Run! Run!” in Chinese near the end of the video clip.

I’m a bit sad that I might not get a chance to go back to the beach during this trip. But I know that I will think of this place whenever I go near the ocean, with the barnacle-covered rocks and the salty ocean air.

Will be traveling to Malaysia and a bit of Singapore for the next 5 days! Not bringing my computer, so you won’t hear from me for a while… but there will be many pictures when I return!

Until then, take care, friends! :D