the threadless festive brooch

In my quest for an even simpler brooch‐making method than my last festive brooch, I came up with a threadless version. It’s not technically threadless, since ribbons are made of woven threads. It may be more accurate to use the term “no‐sew”, but when Mike he saw me making this he said, “oooh! It’s threadless!” So I figure I’d stick with “threadless” :)

I wore it to a Christmas dinner last night! :D

It is so ridiculously quick and simple and costs very little to make, so it might be a good project if one needs to make small gifts for a group of friends or co‐workers or classmates or extended female family members. And with this method one could combine different colours of ribbons, which I think makes it even more fun and festive.

So, anyway, one could probably figure out how to make it just by looking at the picture, but I thought some step‐by‐step pictures would also be helpful.

First, using pieces of ribbons around 7 inches in length, I made loops and taped them in the center with double sided tape, like so…

After making loops with different colours, I layered them, overlapping in the center, and then staple them together in the center.

I then attached the buttons with hot glue.

And finally, I attached the pin back with hot glue.

And there we have it, a 5‐minute festive brooch! (That is, if one doesn’t spend half a night picking out colours of ribbons and combination of buttons like me.) One could also thread a ribbon or whatnot (I used raffia) through one of the ribbon loops to make it an ornament when not wearing it as a brooch!

Have a lovely day! :D

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