the travelling zumi

Finally got around to uploading pictures to Flickr — feel free to visit! :D They’re all pictures from the Zumi. Some I have posted here but there were a lot that I didn’t post but would love to share, like the one above. It’s so claustrophobic yet strangely attractive. At least I find it attractive.

(oooh, I just realized how until January snow will be falling on this picture, and how bizarre it would look because it never snows in Hong Kong!)

There was a lot of experimentation, taking pictures of the same scene with different angles. Because often with the Zumi the overall tonal value of the picture would change even when the angle is only a slight bit different. So it was really fun to see what it comes up with. There’s also no viewfinder so I couldn’t see what I was taking a picture of. That’s why majority of the pictures are slanted. I might fix them later.

Feel free to visit the Hong Kong set here and the Malaysia set here :D