Christmas crafting, episode one

One of my favourite things about Christmas is gift-giving. More so than gift-receiving. I like collecting clues about what people like throughout the year and come up with things to make for them. And I would start making them as early as the summer.

(Though I just realized, as we came home from visiting families, that the gifts I made in August are missing, and I can’t remember where I put them… I’m hoping they will turn up soon so I can give them away as Chinese New Year gifts.)

Anyhoo, this is one of the most extensive projects of the year. Not because it was complicated, but because it was something I’m not used to making and it took quite a while to finish.

Mike has been looking to buy an “indoor scarf” and so I thought I would make him one for Christmas. I found this light-weight plaid fabric in a small shop on Queen St. and followed this pattern for sewing a scarf.

The sewing part was rather easy, it was the fringing part that made me worry I wasn’t going to have it finished until Mike’s birthday in the summer. After 2 days of “removing the width-threads from the end of the scarf,” as per the instruction, I’ve got hardly an inch of fringe on one side of the scarf, and I needed 4 inches on both sides for knotting.

There must be a quicker way of doing this, I thought. Eventually I figured that I could just cut the end of the scarf into one-inch sections…

… and it would be easier to remove the horizontal threads…

I lost one or two vertical threads in between because of the cutting but the fringing went by so much quicker! Instead of days and weeks of work it took only 5 hours altogether.

And here’s Mike happily looking at his scarf :D

I left my camera at my parents’ during the making and presenting of this gift, so I took all the pictures with my Zumi, which actually makes the pictures more interesting, I think.

And oh my! As I took the bus today I’m reminded by the transfer slip that today is the 363th day of the year! So have a happy Wednesday everyone, as we move forward to 2011!