the travelling Zumi

While trav­el­ling south for Christ­mas, I took some pic­tures with the Zumi. They had a lot more snow this year than we do in Toronto.

And now, it’s time, for a haiku:

Silent­ly it lays


Glit­ter­ing, swirling, it drifts


across miles between.


And along the way, love­ly frost­ed trees as well!




And this is our jour­ney back into the city — bumper-to-bumper on the high­way! And no snow, just rain. Wel­come to the city, it said.


But rain did not damp­en our hol­i­day spir­its and we had a great time trav­el­ling nonetheless :)

May the new year brings great adven­tures and new inspi­ra­tions! Best wish­es for 2011!