Also known as hazelnut. But I prefer to call it filbert. It’s one of my favourite words. And if I have a cat I would name him/her Filbert.

Anyway, we had lots of filberts around at Christmas time…


And I was given this really nice felting wool as a Christmas gift, in beautiful autumn tones, from this store called Heaven is Handmade (it’s true!). It’s so very soft… I also received another bundle of wool in blue/white tones. I have a plan for it; I’ll show you later :)

Working with felting wool is a luxury for me because wool tends to be more expensive, and I try to keep a tight budget for my crafting habits, so I’m rather thankful for the gift!


So while we waited for the countdown on new year’s eve I thought I would try needle-felting with this wool, and I thought the brown tones would make a good filbert. And so Filbert materialized in the midst of fireworks and glasses of ginger ale. Today he’s having some down time on the windowsill, enjoying a bit of sun. He’s about the same size as a typical filbert.


I think I’m going to try making some animals next. More specifically, a cat. A cat named Filbert.

I once took out this book from the library and it has such lovely photography and excellent instructions for making realistic-looking felted pets. So a trip to the library is in order!


Happy Tuesday! :D

2 thoughts on “filbert!

  1. I think we’re filbert twins. :) Filbert is my preferred word for hazelnut because it is also one of my very most favorite words! Oh, and your little felted filbert is adorable. Happy New Year!

  2. thank you! so great to know someone likes the word “filbert” as much as i do! :D i love felting, and i’m hoping to do more of it with the gift felting wool. happy new year to you too! :D

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