more favourite things this week!

It’s going to be a cold couple of days in the neighbourhood! A dear friend of mine loves to bike around the city, and even in the winter she tries to bike as much as she can. She told me that long arm-warmers are bikers’ best friends (beside their bikes) because they can’t really wear bulky jackets as they bike. So this instructable reminds me of my friend. And I thought if you like to bike (or just be stylish) in late fall / winter / early spring you might like this idea too!

By Tarzioo on Instructables (via Craftzine).


And for those cold mornings — what about some warm toasts with homemade butter? I cannot believe how easy (and fun!) it is to make butter! It’s really similar to making ice cream in a can, I think.

From Maize in Montana.


Mike introduced me to a new favourite band this week called Sleeping at Last. They put out a new EP every month with gorgeous, glorious watercolour album covers (and, of course, amazing music — I especially love their poetic lyrics — but I must admit that I’m more drawn to the watercolours…). Check out their latest cover!



Isn’t that just amazing? I am particularly in love with the January cover because of all the rich shades of blue and the touches of grey. My heart just melts.

And so I did more investigating and found out the art was done by Kansas artist Geoff Benzing. I spent hours in his watercolour gallery; the night cityscapes are my favourite.

And speaking of music, one of my goals this year is to learn to play the ukulele. I don’t know when I’ll get one, but I heard it’s not terribly difficult to learn (and I do know a bit of guitar… like, the C chord). I think my friends’ kids and the kids at church will love it if I can play songs for them to sing and dance to.

See? Elvis played the ukulele.


Hope you’ve had a great start to the week! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Oh, you will have fun with the ukulele! It’s super easy to learn and you can play a ton of songs knowing just three chords. I used to work in the activity dept. of a nursing home and we had many a singalong with me playing the uke.

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