green with deliciousness

A friend gave me some matcha powder earlier this week, so I decided to test them out today. We started the day with some green tea latte. I’ve never made one at home before, but my first attempt tasted pretty good.

2 tsp matcha + 2 tsp sugar + fill mug half way with hot water and stir
Fill mug with milk and microwave for 1 min and, voilà! Green tea latte.


And then I baked some green tea cookies. I followed this recipe because it seemed straightforward. Look! So green!

I decided to make them leaf-shape after I saw Martha’s green tea shortbread. I don’t have a leaf-shape cookie cutter, so I cut them out with the back of a butter knife, and each leaf is different, which I like very much.

The veins were also made using the back of a butter knife.

They turned out a bit puffier than I wanted — I was thinking about the bunny cookies I made and how they didn’t expand at all, so I didn’t expect these ones to expand or rise, since it’s pretty much a sugar cookie recipe. But I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this recipe has both baking powder and baking soda, plus eggs, so I guess it’s supposed to rise. Hmm. Perhaps next time I’ll just follow the plain sugar cookie recipe and add a couple of tablespoons of matcha.

But I’m still rather pleased with my tea leaf cookies. There’s a very subtle green tea flavour, and the cookies are light and flaky.

And to top it off we watched The Secret of Kells tonight, with the richest, most glorious emerald green, and each scene an exquisite watercolour with layers and layers of vibrant colours and brush marks. Very inspiring film, I must say. I highly recommend it.


Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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