green with deliciousness

A friend gave me some matcha pow­der ear­li­er this week, so I decid­ed to test them out today. We start­ed the day with some green tea lat­te. I’ve nev­er made one at home before, but my first attempt tast­ed pret­ty good.

2 tsp matcha + 2 tsp sug­ar + fill mug half way with hot water and stir
Fill mug with milk and microwave for 1 min and, voilà! Green tea latte.


And then I baked some green tea cook­ies. I fol­lowed this recipe because it seemed straight­for­ward. Look! So green!

I decid­ed to make them leaf-shape after I saw Martha’s green tea short­bread. I don’t have a leaf-shape cook­ie cut­ter, so I cut them out with the back of a but­ter knife, and each leaf is dif­fer­ent, which I like very much.

The veins were also made using the back of a but­ter knife.

They turned out a bit puffi­er than I want­ed — I was think­ing about the bun­ny cook­ies I made and how they did­n’t expand at all, so I did­n’t expect these ones to expand or rise, since it’s pret­ty much a sug­ar cook­ie recipe. But I did­n’t pay atten­tion to the fact that this recipe has both bak­ing pow­der and bak­ing soda, plus eggs, so I guess it’s sup­posed to rise. Hmm. Per­haps next time I’ll just fol­low the plain sug­ar cook­ie recipe and add a cou­ple of table­spoons of matcha.

But I’m still rather pleased with my tea leaf cook­ies. There’s a very sub­tle green tea flavour, and the cook­ies are light and flaky.

And to top it off we watched The Secret of Kells tonight, with the rich­est, most glo­ri­ous emer­ald green, and each scene an exquis­ite water­colour with lay­ers and lay­ers of vibrant colours and brush marks. Very inspir­ing film, I must say. I high­ly rec­om­mend it.


Have a won­der­ful Sun­day, everyone!

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