favourite things of the week!

I’m hav­ing a cup of tea as I write this :)

I love how the han­dle of the mug con­ve­nient­ly works as a hand­bag hang­er. They remind me of my school days when I would occa­sion­al­ly walk past the indus­tri­al design depart­ment and mar­vel at all the bril­liant con­cepts that I would nev­er in a mil­lion years come up with myself. I’d love to see a cof­fee shop filled with these.

Cof­fee chair from Sun­han Kwon.


And these delight­ful spoons, for stir­ring tea.

For­est spoon by Nen­do.


Both the cof­fee chair and the for­est spoon, along with their love­ly pho­to com­pos­ites, came from Inspire Me Now, a stream­line blog filled with, well, inspir­ing ideas! If you haven’t heard of it I would high­ly rec­om­mend pay­ing a visit.

And I just can’t write a favourite-things post with­out shar­ing some­thing we can make our­selves :D Here are some wall hooks made from coat hang­ers and papi­er mâché. I think the one with the ban­dit mask looks fantastic ;)

Detailed tuto­r­i­al on Bloe­sem Kids.


Have a hap­py Thurs­day, everyone!