Today I went to my favourite bead store to find flow­er cabo­chons. I was look­ing for a turquoise dahlia flower for a ring and a cou­ple of small pink ros­es for ear­rings. They were hav­ing a buy-one-get-one-free sale on resin flow­ers, so I got the ros­es for free! :D

And because the cabo­chons looked so sweet, I decid­ed to take some pic­tures of them with the Zumi.

The ros­es were actu­al­ly more of a coral pink. Maybe the colour will show up bet­ter against my skin, when I wear them as ear­rings! :D Right now I’m wait­ing for the E6000 to dry. Yes, today I splurged on a tube of indus­tri­al-strength super-glue, because the thought of los­ing part of an ear­ring in the show­er or on the street is too dev­as­tat­ing. So I think it will be worth the $8 I spent on it. It’s sup­posed to take 48 hours to set, so… I have about 40 hours left to wait :/ And now I have enough glue to make hun­dreds more pairs of ear­rings, or hun­dreds of rings, or pen­dants, or what­ev­er I will need indus­tri­al-strength glue for. Hmm. Does glue expire?

While Zumi was out I also took some pic­tures of my African vio­let. It stopped flow­er­ing for a year, and then after I trimmed it a cou­ple of weeks ago it began bloom­ing hap­pi­ly (and rapid­ly) again :D I was sur­prised how painter­ly these pic­tures looked.



More buds!


Have a hap­py Thursday!

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