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When I was a kid my family used to rent a movie to watch together every weekend. It was a tradition that started when we lived in Hong Kong (the LD), and continued when we moved to northern Ontario (the VHS), and then to the city (the DVD). So I thought it would be fun to bring back this tradition here on the blog, to share videos that I find inspiring (usually the heart-warming, or the ridiculously cute). I may not be able to find a video to post every week, but I will surely keep an eye out. If you have videos to suggest for Sunday video or interesting stuff for favourite things Fridays please feel free to send me a note!

This week’s video is supposed to be a commercial for a smart phone, I think. But still, I find it quite moving. (via Swissmiss)



Thank you for taking a moment to enjoy this with me. Wishing you a day of peace and rest.

4 thoughts on “sunday video

  1. Thanks for sharing Trish. That does make you stop and hear the music. We are enjoying the warmer temperatures outside today and are grateful for a nice quiet Sunday.
    love mom

  2. I’m Bach-obsessed, and that was just jaw dropping =) Hope they do a behind-the-scenes video about how they created that!

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