syrup festival!

We caught the last weekend of maple syrup festival on Saturday :D It wasn’t cold enough to drizzle maple syrup on the snow and eat it on a stick (there was no snow), but all in all we had a lovely time.

There was a very busy-looking sheep in the petting zoo…


And a beautiful llama, one of my favourite animals on earth.


I tried to take a picture of the rabbit, but the crazed chicken butted in front of the camera.


Beside the crazed chickens was a thoughtful donkey, scheming syrup monopolization.


There were sap-collecting buckets on many of the trees in the area, but the tour guide told us that metal buckets are no longer used for commercial maple syrup production. Plastic pipes are the tool of choice. But it was fun to check each bucket and see how full they were as we strolled by.


Sap dripping into bucket. Apparently, tree sap tastes pretty much like water, and has only 3–5% of sugar content. So to make one bucket of maple syrup one would need to boil down 40 buckets of sap.

I must admit, I enjoy maple syrup on pancakes much better than on its own, but I definitely have a better appreciation for maple syrup by the end of the tour.

Have a terrific start to your week! Cheers!