sakura treats


Tried the coconut ice recipe I wrote about last week! They’re not like saku­ra mochi, but I made them pink and white because it is indeed cher­ry blos­som sea­son :D

The recipe calls for des­ic­cat­ed coconut. I did­n’t think I would find any in the gro­cery store and was just going to use the shred­ded coconut we always see in the bak­ing aisle. But we went to a Chi­nese gro­cery store last week and there is was! Des­ic­cat­ed coconut, made by WD Hap­py Boy.


And in the next aisle we found some Lucky Stars con­densed milk.


Now that we feel both hap­py and lucky, it is time to get to work! I neglect­ed to take pho­tos of the process, but there was not much to it any­way. Just a lot of stir­ring, stir­ring, and s‑s-stir-r-ring. Con­densed milk is real­ly thick and with the huge pile of pow­dered coconut and sug­ar, the mix­ture became real­ly thick and a bit dif­fi­cult to maneuver.

The recipe is sup­posed to make over 1 kilo of coconut ice. I like coconut, but that’s a bit much, I think. (Great for a bake sale though! Must keep that in mind when Christ­mas sea­son rolls around.) Plus, I did­n’t have enough icing sug­ar, so I just eye-balled maybe half a bag of coconut and 2/3 can of con­densed milk. It made about 3 dozens 1“x1“x1.5″ bars, like these…

And in the morn­ing I had enough con­dense milk left to make milk toast — deli­cious! :D Brings back fond child­hood mem­o­ries too.


I’m pray­ing for good weath­er this Sat­ur­day, so we can final­ly vis­it the cher­ry blos­soms at High Park! If rain is not in the fore­cast it might be good to bring some of the coconut ice with us for a mini picnic!

It was a beau­ti­ful day in our neigh­bour­hood today — hope you’ve enjoyed some love­ly sun­shine too!