sandal season! :D

I bought these shoes in Singapore, when we went on the trip last November. After 5 cold months of waiting and looking at them on my shoe rack longingly, I’m finally wearing them today for the first time! :D

I’m not a shoe person, and I loath shoe-shopping, because my feet are weirdly shaped and it’s difficult to find shoes that don’t hurt. I’ve never worn heels in my life for that reason. But these were almost an impulse purchase (well, more like a “pressure” purchase). I saw an old lady wearing shoes like those at the beach and I really liked them (yes, an old lady). Then I saw them at a market place in Singapore so I stopped to take a closer look. But as soon as I held the shoes in my hands the shopkeeper lady immediately pulled up a stool behind me and demanded that I sit down and try them on. So I did and they seemed to fit, and the next thing I knew the lady was standing in front of me with a plastic bag ready to close the deal. So I paid.

And you might ask, What?! What kind of push-over are you? Well, the worst kind. I mean, I did do some quick calculations in my head and figured that the shoes cost around $6 CAD. And they did fit. So I took the easier route and just bought it. It would’ve been harder for me to put them back and walk away feeling like I’ve offended the storekeeper.

So, anyway. I do love these shoes. They’re going to be my sandals for the summer. I wore them around this morning and it felt alright.

So that was my thought of the day. Just enjoying the sun.



2 thoughts on “sandal season! :D

  1. Cute! Nice color too :)
    You’re not the only shoe-shopping-loather (is that a word?) in the world. I HATE that too. So lucky cheap shoes are a day maker :)

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