adventures of avocado finn

Meet Avo­ca­do Finn, my new plush friend! :D

Avo­ca­do Finn is no ordi­nary fish. When I first met him, he did­n’t quit look like himself…

He was a maki roll.


A maki roll with… a tail?


Ah! Flip­pers!

No fish has ever gone to being a piece of sushi and come back per­fect­ly intact. Avo­ca­do Finn is tru­ly an extra­or­di­nary fish. And a rather friend­ly fel­low, too. His goofy smile puts every­one at ease…

… and makes you for­get, that as a fish, he should­n’t be able to sur­vive out of water. But look, here he is, chat­ting away, and Mike does­n’t even seem to notice the difference…

And I was com­plete­ly enchanted.

And then I remem­ber this car­toon I used to watch when I was a kid, called “Gold Fish Warn­ing”, about a pink gold fish that not only could live out­side of water but also fly.

(Yes, huge spark­ly eyes and pink hair. Clas­sic girly anime.)

Whether Avo­ca­do Finn has any­thing to do with that pink gold­fish is a mys­tery, as Finn him­self has­n’t giv­en me any clue about his per­son­al his­to­ry. But he’s made him­self quite com­fort­able on our couch, and made a new friend.

He’s even able to make Fil­bert the cat believe that “fish is friend, not food” (at least when it comes to Avo­ca­do Finn).

Don’t need to feel bad for Fil­bert though, he’s in heav­en just hav­ing those balls of yarn around, and he always loves a new friend.

To make your own extra­or­di­nary fish friend see genius fish-to-sushi cro­chet pat­tern from Irka! While you’re at it, be sure to also check out the awe­some egg-to-chick­en pattern!

Hap­py Tues­day! :D



7 thoughts on “adventures of avocado finn

  1. Hey Trish…how does this guy work…is he a maki roll when turned inside out? or is that a sep­a­rate maki roll case that he fits inside???

    Either way.…AWESOME! :)

  2. thanks beth! :D yes, the maki roll and the fish are con­nect­ed. to turn the fish into a maki roll one would pull the maki roll out of the fish’s mouth and stuff the fish into the cen­tre of the maki roll… hope that makes sense!

  3. My 96-year-old moth­er-in-law does­n’t want any more “things” but I just have to make her this! She is Japan­ese and would get such a kick out of it :-). Thanks so much for the link.

  4. Cute!!

    P.S. Is Fib­ert a full-size Choco-cat or a mini plush key-ring? My youngest daugh­ter and I both have the 17″ Choco-cats from Build-a-Bear. We also picked up the plush key-ring, about 4 inch­es tall.

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