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Since I posted the teacup project on Friday, and I’ve got tons of favourite things saved up for the favourite-things post, I figure I’d post them on… Sunday! I promise next week we’ll be back on schedule… though I doubt that anyone but me cares what day I post what. But I still think that it’s good to be consistent… it doesn’t really matter in the end in terms of the blog, but it’s good practice for me, I think. A kind of self-discipline, I guess, in preparation for other endeavours…

Anyway, I digress. Moving on to crafty things! :D Since school’s out in less than a month, let’s start with a few summer vacation projects!


I imagine this would be lovely quiet activity for a rainy day. And I think kids wouldn’t get bored of it too easily, since there’s so much detail in the fabric and it would take a while for young kids to figure out all the difference between them. And good news for grownups — since they’re made of fabric, they’re washable! From The Purl Bee.


Pretty self-explanatory idea but a good idea (or, more properly, a good thing) nonetheless. Vacation memory jars from the Martha website.


Got leftover CD cases after the music’s been stored on the ipod or phone or whatnot (I can’t keep track of these devices)? Don’t throw them out — make a labyrinth for the road trip / train ride / line-up for the roller coaster ride / long wait at the doctor’s office! How-to on Bloesem Kids.


I love craft projects involving egg cartons, because they’re so easy to find. And these tiny pirate ships are so cute! For a summertime pirate-theme party, perhaps? From The Celebration Shoppe.


Beautiful “stained glass” window made with pressed flower petals and contact paper! What a wonderful way to showcase those summer blooms. From The Artful Parent.


I’ve never really seen aluminum tape at the store before, but I’ve also never really looked for them… these garden markers make such a lovely addition for the herb garden (and a very resourceful use of recycled plastic cutlery!), I’ll have to keep an eye out for this awesome tape if I do plant a container herb garden this year! How-to on Aunt Peaches.


More edible plant harvesting! I never knew that dandelion flowers are edible (and actually taste like honey)! I knew that dandelion leaves are edible because I’ve seen them at the grocery store, and my mom actually tried to cook with them after seeing how it was done on a cooking show. But our overgrown dandelion proved to be really tough and fibery and difficult to eat :S Anyway, spotted this on Lil Fish Studio, which includes a link for the recipe! :D When I first saw the post I was so ready to head out for a dandelion harvest, but then I realized that I had no canning jars :( Now all the flowers have gone to seed, so I’ll have to wait for the next blooming.


The pearly discs on this necklace were made from bubblewraps! That’s right, bubblewraps are not only good for popping when one’s bored. Instruction on Craftzine.


No sewing was involved in the making of this zipper pouch! How, you ask? Well! You’ll have to see the how-to on Instructables! (It’s pretty incredible!) (Sorry, lame rhyme, I know. Couldn’t help myself.)


Love this braided headband from Ruffles and Stuff! And it does seem really simple to make. I’m sure I can find faux leather at a fabric store, but I wonder if I could find a substitute… possibly at the thrift store…


And more braids! I do like braids very much — they create visual interest in a very simple way and the look is so versatile. Braided belt tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew!


I think I squealed when I saw this — a carrot cake toilet paper cozy, from The Blue Crab Stitches! I’m partial to carrot cake, and the icing carrots are so cute! I don’t really use TP cozies but I can see it being a great TP dispenser with some modifications. I grew up using TP from a TP dispenser (like this one that looks like a cup noodle, for example) for runny nose instead of boxes of Kleenex around the house, and most of the Chinese families I know do the same. Because we’re frugal, I guess.


These hot chocolate cupcakes are magnificent! They’re from Diary of a Ladybird, with some instruction on how to make them, for those skilled in cake decorating. As for me, I’m going to have to wish for someone to make them for me, because I know nothing about cake decorating :P (via Inspire Me Now)


And finally, because it is Sunday, here’s this week’s Sunday video! As someone who habitually talks to inanimate objects as if they could understand me, this definitely pulls on some heartstrings… Remember, you too can be the creator of many happy endings — please recycle!

Happy Sunday! :D

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  1. i was thinking of you when i saw those cupcakes — you’re the only person i know who has the skills to make them! :D

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