milk tea chez mudpie

Once in a while we buy condensed milk for tea. So instead of using sugar and milk, we add two heaping spoonfuls of condensed milk into our tea. It’s absolutely creamy and delicious.

It’s far too warm for hot tea in the afternoon these days, so I thought I’d try making some cold Hong Kong style milk tea that one could get at Chinese bakery/coffee shop/diners.

My process was pretty intuitive (read: totally eye-balling and guesstimating), but it tasted almost as good as what I remember from the Chinese diners! (but then I’m not very picky when it comes to taste… it should be good though, because condensed milk makes everything better :D)

I needed some really strong tea, because I would add ice cubes to it later (I learned this from my barista days :D). So I tossed an orange pekoe teabag into a mug and filled it 2/3 of the way full with hot water.


While letting that steep, I poured  about 3 tablespoons of condensed milk into a large mixing mug. (Please excuse the toast crumbs in the condensed milk — we also put it on toast)


After the tea has been steeping for 5 minutes, I poured it into the condensed milk and gave it a vigorous stirring.


Then I poured it over ice — TA DA! Cold milk tea! That was quick, wasn’t it?


I poured it into empty jelly jars because it made a cool photo. I had some leftover after filling one jar. It probably makes one large glass of cold milk tea.

I like my tea really sweet, but this is easily adjustable — one could add more ice if one finds the tea too sweet, or add more condensed milk if one finds it not sweet enough.

Cheers! :D

3 thoughts on “milk tea chez mudpie

  1. Mmmmmmmm, sounds good. Do you use “sweetened” condensed milk or plain condensed milk? Will have to try this if I ever remember to fill the ice cube trays!

  2. his is a good idea, I think I’ll adjust it to make it more like bubble tea. They totally hit the spot but they ruin my budget too!

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