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Once in a while we buy con­densed milk for tea. So instead of using sug­ar and milk, we add two heap­ing spoon­fuls of con­densed milk into our tea. It’s absolute­ly creamy and delicious.

It’s far too warm for hot tea in the after­noon these days, so I thought I’d try mak­ing some cold Hong Kong style milk tea that one could get at Chi­nese bakery/coffee shop/diners.

My process was pret­ty intu­itive (read: total­ly eye-balling and guessti­mat­ing), but it tast­ed almost as good as what I remem­ber from the Chi­nese din­ers! (but then I’m not very picky when it comes to taste… it should be good though, because con­densed milk makes every­thing bet­ter :D)

I need­ed some real­ly strong tea, because I would add ice cubes to it lat­er (I learned this from my barista days :D). So I tossed an orange pekoe teabag into a mug and filled it 2/3 of the way full with hot water.


While let­ting that steep, I poured  about 3 table­spoons of con­densed milk into a large mix­ing mug. (Please excuse the toast crumbs in the con­densed milk — we also put it on toast)


After the tea has been steep­ing for 5 min­utes, I poured it into the con­densed milk and gave it a vig­or­ous stirring.


Then I poured it over ice — TA DA! Cold milk tea! That was quick, was­n’t it?


I poured it into emp­ty jel­ly jars because it made a cool pho­to. I had some left­over after fill­ing one jar. It prob­a­bly makes one large glass of cold milk tea.

I like my tea real­ly sweet, but this is eas­i­ly adjustable — one could add more ice if one finds the tea too sweet, or add more con­densed milk if one finds it not sweet enough.

Cheers! :D

3 thoughts on “milk tea chez mudpie

  1. Mmm­m­m­m­mm, sounds good. Do you use “sweet­ened” con­densed milk or plain con­densed milk? Will have to try this if I ever remem­ber to fill the ice cube trays!

  2. his is a good idea, I think I’ll adjust it to make it more like bub­ble tea. They total­ly hit the spot but they ruin my bud­get too!

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