Today I wanted to wear my pink tunic/dress, but I needed to layer it with something.

All the tank tops are in the wash.

I have a pile of waiting-for-ideas-to-modify clothing in my closet (“you mean, the pile of rags in your closet,” said Mike). Ok, fine, the pile o’rags.

And I found this shirt that was given to me, from a certain Ironwork Fitness health club in southern Ontario. It fits well, and I like the colour and the length of it, but I don’t work out. I would feel bad wearing this shirt just as it is, as if I were pretending that I work out.

At first I just cut away the sleeves and the collar, but the armholes turned out too big, so I decided to lower the shoulder seams, as shown in my nifty diagram here.


All done before I had to leave for work.


It’s nothing spectacular. The modifying is pretty simple, and I work pretty late so I have plenty o’time in the morning. Also, I work in a rather casual setting, so I can get away with wearing a cut-up shirt because 4 year-olds have more important things on their minds than to care about what I’m wearing.

If you want to see some really amazing refashioning, check out New Dress A Day! That is, if you haven’t come across it already…

In fact, I was just catching up on NDAD’s posts, and that was what motivated me to make something with the pile o’rags today. Even though it’s just making a few cuts and sewing a couple of lines. I’m rather pleased with it. I liked it with the pink dress.

Happy Thursday! :D