weekend wonders

This past weekend we visited my parents. My dear sister is heading to grad school in Hong Kong (!) for a year and she is leaving later this week, so it was good to spend the weekend with her.

But everyone was busy in the morning so Mike and I went off to have Hong Kong diner-style breakfast special, with really runny eggs and extra strong tea. (Next time I’ll have to request that the eggs be more cooked :S)


Later in the afternoon we picked heirloom yellow tomatoes from my parents’ tomato bush. 

It took me a while to spot some in the bush, but they weren’t ripe.


My mom, on the other hand, had found quite a few in a minute or two.


It’s really not easy to spot the ripe tomatoes, given the size of the tomato bush. But I think Mike found one here.


Then we went to the Chinese mall to find Angry Birds capsule toy machine! :D


Capsule toy machines are definitely one of my favourite things!

Though I kind of cheated here… Mike got the yellow woodpecker from the machine and I got the white egg-shaped bird, but my very favourite was the blue ice birds. The shop that owns the capsule toy machines also sells the Angry Birds plushes out of the machine, but charges a bit more, of course, for the convenience of choosing specific ones to buy. *sigh* I’m such a sucker for plushes.




Happy Monday, everyone!