sunday video: lightning storm

Lightning storm in my neighbourhood this week! I was walking home from the subway station just as it was starting — just lightning across the sky and thunder rolling in the distant, but no rain. Everyone coming out of the station just put their heads down and walked as quickly as their legs could carry them. It was kind of scary. 

And so, now that the storm has come and gone, and I’m sitting down in the comfort of my home, I can finally look at these lightning bolts through my computer screen and just marvel at the power of nature. Look how it strikes the CN Tower

I hope the weather is nice wherever you are, and if there’s a storm you’re able to stay warm and dry!





6 thoughts on “sunday video: lightning storm

  1. I really like the video, thanks! Thunderstorms (and snowstorms in the winter) have always been our family favorites. We’re less than an hour drive west of Chicago, so we encounter wonderful storms during the year. The air always feels so fresh after a storm — it must be all those electrical charges!

  2. oh…wow.…
    i think on that day, ppl were thankful that the CN tower was there as a lightning rod.

  3. another reason to love the CN tower. (the other reason being that it helps me tell directions in the city :S “which way is south again…?”)

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