sunday video: lightning storm

Light­ning storm in my neigh­bour­hood this week! I was walk­ing home from the sub­way sta­tion just as it was start­ing — just light­ning across the sky and thun­der rolling in the dis­tant, but no rain. Every­one com­ing out of the sta­tion just put their heads down and walked as quick­ly as their legs could car­ry them. It was kind of scary. 

And so, now that the storm has come and gone, and I’m sit­ting down in the com­fort of my home, I can final­ly look at these light­ning bolts through my com­put­er screen and just mar­vel at the pow­er of nature. Look how it strikes the CN Tow­er! 

I hope the weath­er is nice wher­ev­er you are, and if there’s a storm you’re able to stay warm and dry!





6 thoughts on “sunday video: lightning storm

  1. I real­ly like the video, thanks! Thun­der­storms (and snow­storms in the win­ter) have always been our fam­i­ly favorites. We’re less than an hour dri­ve west of Chica­go, so we encounter won­der­ful storms dur­ing the year. The air always feels so fresh after a storm — it must be all those elec­tri­cal charges!

  2. oh…wow.…
    i think on that day, ppl were thank­ful that the CN tow­er was there as a light­ning rod.

  3. anoth­er rea­son to love the CN tow­er. (the oth­er rea­son being that it helps me tell direc­tions in the city :S “which way is south again…?”)

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