from the lake

Inspired by an idea I saw on Pin­ter­est a while ago — using white ink on dark rocks — I paint­ed these a few days ago. I found the stones by Lake Huron in the summer. 

This one is inspired by the bar­na­cles I saw in Hong Kong on the rocks by the seashore. The stone has some fos­silized corals in it.


This one has a tiny shell embed­ded in it :D


I paint­ed the out­line with white acrylic and a tiny Chi­nese cal­lig­ra­phy brush, and then coloured inside the shapes with fine tip markers.

On a sep­a­rate note, today Toron­to saw the first offi­cial snow­fall of the sea­son! It was the feath­ery kind of snow too and it stayed on the branch­es for a while. The red berry bush I showed you the oth­er day looked gor­geous cov­ered in snow, but I left my cam­era at home! Oh well… maybe it will snow again tomorrow…

Hap­py Thurs­day, everyone!