from the lake

Inspired by an idea I saw on Pinterest a while ago — using white ink on dark rocks — I painted these a few days ago. I found the stones by Lake Huron in the summer. 

This one is inspired by the barnacles I saw in Hong Kong on the rocks by the seashore. The stone has some fossilized corals in it.


This one has a tiny shell embedded in it :D


I painted the outline with white acrylic and a tiny Chinese calligraphy brush, and then coloured inside the shapes with fine tip markers.

On a separate note, today Toronto saw the first official snowfall of the season! It was the feathery kind of snow too and it stayed on the branches for a while. The red berry bush I showed you the other day looked gorgeous covered in snow, but I left my camera at home! Oh well… maybe it will snow again tomorrow…

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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