weekend wonders

These are actually from the past few weekends. The city is looking festive! :D

Two weeks ago we wandered past Campbell House Museum and it happened to be free-entry day! Have been wanting to visit for a long time.


There were lovely cloved oranges in bowls around the house…


Tea dispenser! Wouldn’t it be great if I have one of these at home…


Community Christmas banquet at church. Someone brought a smiley face cheese cake ^_^


This past weekend was the weekend of craft shows! I missed my annual trip to the One of a Kind show because of school work *grumble*, but found out about City of Craft, and it was WAY more fun. Check out the pom pom garlands! The vendors were all amazing. Bought a super awesome print from Jacob Rolfe and a magical glass pendant (it deserves a post of its own — stay tuned!), and I even won one of the top door prizes! Will definitely remember this for next year.


Wandered pass White Squirrel Way :D Thinking of Al McFluffytail


Best Christmas window display ever! Outside Magic Pony. Note the plush Totoros! :D (My face was kind of frozen though. It was a rather cold day…)


Also visited the Wychwood Barns for the holiday art market (it used to be a streetcar barn before turning into a community centre for studios, galleries and offices). Love the rainbow chimney, reminds me of Nyan Cat (by the way, have you seen the Nyan Catbus? :D)


It also has nice giant numbers, which Mike would really like, but he wasn’t there with me, so I took a photo for him.


Mike’s office had a cookie contest and he signed up to be a judge, and he brought home all the cookies he tasted (so they all had a corner cut off for the tasting)! 



Have a sweet weekend, friends!