star stitch continued


Using the same star stitch in the can­dy apple hood­ed cir­cle scarf, I made a coat! :D It was a semes­ter-long project, some­thing to work on when I need­ed some time away from my papers, or some cro­chet­ing time to reward myself with after fin­ish­ing a paper.

It’s basi­cal­ly just rec­tan­gles of var­i­ous sizes sewn togeth­er to make the coat. 

This dia­gram demon­strates how the pieces are put together. 



After the front and back and the sleeves are attached as pic­tured, I fold­ed entire piece in half along shoul­der seam, then sewed togeth­er the seams along the under­side of the sleeves and the sides of the body. 

Then I made the ribbed col­lar along the front edges and the back neck edge. The rib­bing is 19 ch across, attached to the coat as it was made.

Final­ly, I cro­cheted a row of sc along each sleeve cuff and the bot­tom of the coat, and with slip stitch­es I made but­ton loops along the edge of the ribbed col­lar the right front.

This con­struc­tion would prob­a­bly work for a dif­fer­ent stitch pat­tern, one could cus­tomize mea­sure­ments to one’s liking.

But I love the tex­ture of the star stitch.


Hope your hol­i­day has been won­der­ful. Count­ing down to 2012! :D


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