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Have nev­er done this quiz when every­one was doing it a cou­ple of years ago, because I did­n’t have a playlist. I don’t lis­ten to music much on my own, but I do enjoy lis­ten­ing to Mike’s music when he has it on.

Late­ly I have been look­ing for instru­men­tal music to play when I’m writ­ing papers. I real­ized that music helps with writ­ing some­times. So Mike gave me a bunch of songs in his col­lec­tion. So I thought, I can final­ly do the playlist shuf­fle quiz! :D

(and the pic­ture is one of my favourite album cov­ers by Sleep­ing at Last — jellyfish!)


1. Grab your music play­er
2. Put your entire library into the playlist and turn on shuf­fle.
3. Use the song titles that pop up every time you hit the next track but­ton as answers for each of the ques­tions below, in order.

How does the world see me?
The only moment we were alone — Explo­sions in the sky 

Will I have a hap­py life?
Umbrel­la beach — Owl city 
sounds pret­ty cheerful. 

What do my friends real­ly think of me?
Unob­struct­ed views — Death cab for cutie
I am a pret­ty open book… 

How can I make myself hap­py?
Bird steal­ing bread — Iron & wine 
beats pig steal­ing eggs! 

What should I do with my life?
All this to say — Sleep­ing at last 
now I just have to fig­ure out what to say… 

Will I ever have chil­dren?
You can do bet­ter than me — Death cab for cutie
haha, yes. 

What is some good advice?
Armel­lodie — Gon­za­les
it’s open to interpretation. 

How will I be remem­bered?
Nat­ur­al anthem — Postal ser­vice
bet­ter than unnat­ur­al anthem, I guess. 

What is my sig­na­ture danc­ing song?
The tourist — Gon­za­les
I love being a tourist! :D 

What do I think my cur­rent theme song is?
Long divi­sion — Death cab for cutie
chal­leng­ing. nev­er been good at men­tal math.

What song will play at my funer­al?
Some­day you will be loved — Death cab for cutie 
I thought I’m already being loved… 


That was kind of fun…

Have a hap­py Wednesday!



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