cherry blossoms update! :D


The first cherry blossom sighting of the year! The cherry trees outside the building where I have all my classes started to bloom earlier this week :D


Sadly, we’re moving out of this building in a couple of weeks. So I took some pictures of it. This one was my favourite. I love the bird sticker and the trees reflected on the glass, and the rusty door (that actually isn’t functional). The potted plant you see in this picture was the one I sat next to in the post about kindness. Maybe I’ll try to take better pictures of it tomorrow so I can properly introduce it to you…


I’ve come to see cherry blossom season as the most wonderful time of the year — I think I get more excited about it than Christmas. There isn’t the stress about gifts and making food and gatherings and whatnot (which often take away from the true meaning of Christmas), and it’s a time of grass sprouting and longer daylight and warmer weather :D

Will keep posting cherry blossom sightings in the next couple of weeks! :D

Have a great week, everyone!