cherry blossom festival!

There isn’t an offi­cial fes­ti­val, but every year I treat it like it’s a fes­ti­val :D






We went a bit ear­ly this year and the trees are not all in bloom, but excit­ing nonethe­less! Even brought a pic­nic of bacon and toma­to sand­wich­es this year :D


Saku­ra mochi also enjoy­ing the pic­nic and nice weather.


We sat beside a tree with some grassy moss grow­ing on it.


Then we walked around and came across this strong tree by the water.


And a red-winged black bird!


Have a hap­py Sunday!





4 thoughts on “cherry blossom festival!

  1. I can’t decide which of the cher­ry blos­som pho­tos I like the best! But I think the close up of the del­i­cate flow­ers against the rough bark is winning! :)

  2. i like how that one turned out too! the orig­i­nal pho­to was pret­ty ordi­nary, but i was stunned after i ran it through poladroid!

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