simply minty

Saturday, movie night (Ponyo! I highly recommend it :D), perfect time for a mint hot chocolate.

Mike saw a “recipe” for making mint hot chocolate in our local grocery store’s flyer. We made a pot of peppermint tea and dissolved hot chocolate mix with it. It’s that simple :D


It was surprisingly VERY minty. Will have to make this again soon.

I tried to avoid getting clutter into the hot chocolate photos as much as possible, but as you may guess the coffee table is yet again covered in buttons, yarn, hooks and needles. I’m working on some new projects for a friend’s new shop for handmade stuff! Can’t wait to show you when I’m done :D

Have a great evening!



4 thoughts on “simply minty

  1. Ah! That’s a fabulous idea for making mint hot chocolate!! I love Ponyo. =) We were in danger of singing the theme song non-stop after we saw it.

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