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Before showing you the blouses and skirt I made, this is the place where I got the fabric.

Honest Ed’s! If you’re ever in Toronto, be sure to visit Honest Ed’s, it’s one of the most awesome places on my list! An old‐fashioned discount store that sells pretty much everything. AND! All the signs in the store are still hand‐painted! It also has the most bizarre decorations. This giant one‐eyed zombie elk clock is located between houseware and menswear. 

Anyhoo, I saw this tutorial for making a blouse with scarves, so I wandered into Honest Ed’s with the intention of finding scarves. They didn’t have a wide selection that fits what I’m looking for, but then I spotted the bandanas! Loved the pattern on them, and they were 50¢ a piece. I thought if I stitch two together I would have just enough fabric to make a square top! :D


I like that there are brown stripes down the sides and at the shoulder seams.


Also goes with my magenta cardigan! :D (And it looks much better when I ask someone else to take full‐length pictures of me. Look, I can even hold a plant as a prop.)


I did get two scarves to make a blouse from the tutorial, but the scarves I bought were much wider than the ones in the tutorial, so the blouse is very fluttery :D


And then I bought more bandanas to make a skirt! Basically I sewed 3 bandanas together into a very wide tube. Then I made another fabric tube that was the same width but a bit shorter with some white light weight fabric leftover from an Ikea curtain for a lining. I sewed the two tubes together along the top edge, then folded down the top edge to make a casing for elastic. And that is all :D 


The top I made last summer from a men’s shirt.

Over the weekend my mom gave me a bunch of fabric from her years of collection — some came from Hong Kong! :D I remember going to fabric shops (and yarn shops!) with her when I was a kid. There was always a musty but strangely comforting smell amongst the bolts of fabric. I can certainly keep making square tops but I think I’m going to try adding some small details or variations. 

Have a great day! :D





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