rice of all shapes and sizes


My friend posted a picture of her lunch box on facebook one day, with onigiri (Japanese rice ball) in it. I asked if she could teach me how to make them when we get together next time, but we both have busy schedules and it was going to be a while before we could get together, so she sent me this video

It seemed doable. So Mike and I set out to make it. We got salted herring and avocado for filling. As you can see, they didn’t turn out perfectly triangular as the video has shown, and the salted herring was really salty, while the rice surrounding it was rather bland. But they were cute! :D


They actually didn’t taste too bad. But I tried to think of ways to improve them. So I boiled the herring and patted them dry beforehand. I also sprinkled salt on my hand while forming the onigiri (I skipped this step in my first attempt even though it was part of the video instruction, because my hands are perpetually dry with occasional tiny cuts and the thought of sprinkling salt on my hands just made me wince… but it wasn’t too bad when I actually did it). And I put a bit more filling into each one. Also, I figured out how to make them “perfectly triangular” like the Misa said in the video — I just needed to put more rice in my hand! 

So, the second attempt!


I brought them to school the other day :D Can’t really see them because they’re wrapped, but they are more triangular! And they tasted much better with the herring being less salty.

Will be making more of them, I’m sure. They’re actually really filling. Perfect for an evening class that stretches over dinner time.

On a separate note, had a lovely evening last night getting together with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time, with a pink velvet cupcake! It was so pretty, I have to share a photo :D


Have an awesome weekend, everyone! :D


2 thoughts on “rice of all shapes and sizes

  1. My husband’s Mom used to make onigiri. He said she made some with the pickled plum (meboshi) and some without. He liked the plain. She also used seasoned rice vinegar. Now I guess I have to make some; think I would like it with red bean paste. Yum!

  2. i’ll have to try adding rice vinegar. it didn’t say to do that in the video, but i think it will make it taste more like sushi and a bit less bland. i love red bead paste! :D

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