another cubby update


Good news! The rings and ear­rings sold well, so I spent the past week­end mak­ing more :D

Amongst the new things that I tried, my favourite is the nest ring. A friend gave me a large bag of scrap yarn and I found this lush green yarn in it. Thought it would make a nice cozy spring nest.


Reminds me of the green nest in this game that Mike has been play­ing, called Tiny Wings.

And then there was the coral ring, with a spark­ly but­ton in the centre.


These aren’t for the shop, I made them for my broth­er and sis­ter-in-law because they moved to a new home :D and they love wear­ing buttons.


But they inspired the idea for this ocean love necklace.


The updat­ed cub­by! :D


On a cro­chet-relat­ed note, I start­ed on this pullover from Vogue Cro­chet! (I was so excit­ed when the issue came out :D)


Ah, kind of a small pic­ture, but if you click on it it will bring you to the page where you can view a larg­er image. 

I got con­fused by stitch count for the first pat­tern row because I was watch­ing an espe­cial­ly excit­ing episode of Grimm at the same time, so I’ll have to start over. But isn’t it beau­ti­ful? I like it.


Have a hap­py Thursday!



7 thoughts on “another cubby update

  1. Oh my good­ness, that lit­tle nest ring is pret­ty darn spe­cial. And I notice you have some cro­cheted ear­rings in your cub­by. Did you post about those pre­vi­ous­ly or are they a new creation?

  2. the cro­cheted ear­rings are new :D i made sim­i­lar designs with the rings before, thought i’d try the same with earrings!

  3. Love all your work :) And it is cool to dis­cov­er you are a Grimm fan, too! I think the final episode was great, too — left a lot of questions!!

  4. Great new pieces! And I can’t wait to start some­thing from the Vogue Knit­ting Cro­chet mag, too! It’s been 19 years since their last ded­i­cat­ed issue, can you believe that?!? Now … to decide WHAT to make??? ;)

    I’m glad your cub­by sales are going well!

  5. vogue pat­terns are gor­geous. wish i know how to knit bet­ter, or wish they come up with the cro­chet edi­tions more often!

  6. start­ed watch­ing mid-sea­son! i did­n’t real­ize it was the sea­son finale, was look­ing for­ward to find­ing out more about nick­’s moth­er next week! now i have to wait till next season…

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