shop update! :D

I think I brought new things to the shop last week and I forgot to post about it!

I made another cactus. Because my friend, who is also the shop owner, said that they’re eye-catching :D

Cactus is also inspired by Kimya Dawson’s Tree Hugger

Fruity marshmallow line-up! (they’re magnets)

Mike stopped by the shop today and said the marshmallows have already been sold, woohoo! 

Happy sushi and other treats! (Also magnets. Right now the other treat is the dumpling, but I plan on adding more treats.)

I made these a while ago. Bobby pins with fabric covered buttons. I made them without a fabric button tool, because I don’t have one. 

This is what my cubby looked like…


And it is inevitable that one would use the money earned from one’s handmade things to buy handmade things by other artisans… Pretty hair clip, eh? Made by my cubby neighbour :D


Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!




9 thoughts on “shop update! :D

  1. Hi,
    I love your cubby, you have a great imagination and flair. Keep up the good work and your blog, I follow it with interest.
    Slan, from a very miserable summer in Dublin, Ireland.

        1. no it’s still there! i would hesitate to ship the teacup because of how breakable it is… but i can definitely ship the mushroom plus the patch of grass! :D

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