square-a-day: the last leg!

Day 25, portal.


Day 26, hope floats.


Day 27, leg­end of the shrim­panzee — half shrimp, half chimp, all sea mon­ster! “rawr, get out of my lagoon!” *bats at rocks* Inspired by these awe­some paint­ings.


Day 28, sea­weed nest and pearls of wisdom.


Day 29, shrooms. Was writ­ing a guest post that day and I men­tioned mush­rooms at the foot of a tree.


Day 30, over a field of pop­pies. I paint­ed this at my par­ents’, as I was spend­ing the week­end there. I brought my most used brush­es and used the paints from my sis­ter’s old paint-by-num­ber kit. 

Hur­ray! Project com­plete! :D


Here’s how they look alto­geth­er. I’ve been hang­ing one up every­day on a string, like a bunting. (Please excuse the clut­tered back­ground. Our apart­ment comes with a mir­ror-cov­ered wall and we put all sorts of posters on it.) You can click on the pho­to to see a larg­er image.


Kind of hard to believe that I actu­al­ly stuck with it, paint­ed a square a day for 30 days. It was a lot of fun. Often I just paint­ed what­ev­er came to mind but some­times it offered such a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to work through the thoughts and feel­ings that were both­er­ing me.

Also, I did­n’t men­tioned that all of the paint­ings, except the 30th one, were done with dol­lar store paint! Not the great­est qual­i­ty, but does a good job actually. 

I’m going to have to take bet­ter pic­tures of them. The Insta­gram ones are fun but some of the colours and details don’t show up very well. And then I’m going to have a first ever gen­uine mud­pie give­away! :D To thank every­one for trav­el­ling with me on this jour­ney of redis­cov­er­ing the joy of paint­ing. Still have to fig­ure out the logis­tics of it, but will post details soon! 

I’ll def­i­nite­ly do this again, maybe a square a week or some­thing. But for now I’m going to fin­ish the pat­tern I’ve been work­ing on (eeep!) and a mys­tery project! With mys­tery posts! Stay tuned! :D


Wish­ing you a fun-filled day!


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8 thoughts on “square-a-day: the last leg!

  1. Hear­ing they were done with dol­lar store paints is inspir­ing. I‘ve put aside my paint­ing for so long, I‘m not sure if I remem­ber how! (like about 35 years) I may chal­lenge myself to do a square a day paint­ing for Sep­tem­ber with dol­lar store supplies.…

    Any­way, love this last group, espe­cial­ly “Por­tal” and your “Shrim­panzee” — not sure which is the most favourite! :)

  2. I love all your squares, but I think the “Shrim­panzee” is my favourite. So whim­si­cal! Good on you for stick­ing with it, your ded­i­ca­tion real­ly is inspiring :)

  3. Me too Kirsty…Shrimpanzee wins hands down. Reminds me of those Sponge Bob Square Pants days of my now 17 year old. I would say that you’ve per­fect­ed some col­ors and got pret­ty styl­ish as you went along Trish :o)

  4. thank you so much for your kind words, every­one! shrim­panzee is a bit of a weird one, but mike and i could­n’t stop laugh­ing about it days after it was paint­ed. i’m hap­py that you like it as much as we do! :D

  5. I’ve enjoyed see­ing all the squares you’ve been adding, but just had­n’t had time to com­ment on what a great idea it is! I’m amazed you did it with dol­lar store paints! There are so many beau­ti­ful ones, but out of this batch I espe­cial­ly love “Por­tal” and “Over a Field of Poppies!”
    Kate :}

  6. Con­grats from Dublin, Ireland.
    Well done for stick­ing to it, some days I am sure you had to push your­self to do one, but they are all won­der­ful and spe­cial to you.

  7. Hooray to your suc­cess! I can imag­ine these lov­ing­ly adorn­ing a mes­sen­ger bag — maybe some sort of pock­et added so you can switch them out? Else pick your favorites and add iron-on adhe­sive to the back and to help set the colors?

  8. thank you, every­one! i think for me it’s a great project for the sum­mer. dur­ing the school year when i have to leave home ear­ly in the morn­ing and come home late at night i’m sure i won’t have time to paint a square.
    i’ve been think­ing about stitch­ing them on some­thing or stitch­ing them togeth­er! :D

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