this week’s awesome finds

Back from a long week­end vaca­tion! Lots of awe­some finds to post :D


Print­able tem­plates for bird pock­ets on Coun­try Liv­ing.


Egg car­ton lights! Post is in Nor­we­gian, so I’m not quite sure how it’s made… but it’s pret­ty! :D


A fine twine belt, from Say Yes to Hobo­ken.


Mad Hat­ter’s tea par­ty! Adorable. From Dis­ney.


These would make gor­geous brooches! Pat­terns for sale at CARO­cre­at­ed Esty shop.


A very nice­ly done cro­cheted lla­ma! Pat­tern on crochet_goods.


Too awe­some for words. How to make a cloud at The Farm Chicks.


Sweet pothold­ers! I espe­cial­ly love the cher­ry (or grapes?) fab­ric under­neath the pie crust weav­ing. From Art Threads.


Great rea­son to eat pis­ta­chios. From Addict­ed 2 Dec­o­rat­ing.


Sim­ple dress to make! Not a fan of long dress myself, but instruc­tion is clear and can be eas­i­ly adapt­ed to knee-length :D From C&C. 


Won­der­ful nar­whal! From the won­der­ful Wun­derkam­mer! If you haven’t vis­it­ed Wun­derkam­mer before, be sure to check out oth­er fas­ci­nat­ing cro­chet projects and pat­terns on the blog!


Have a great week, everyone!



5 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Ooh, those egg car­ton lights could be like Christ­mas lights mod­i­fied for spring (or sum­mer)! And those clouds are so awesome.…but looks like so much work :S

  2. Love the Lla­ma, I’ll make one for my friend, put curls on top and say it’s an alpaca. Her boss keeps them and she has to help move them around so always has bruis­es. She’ll love it too!
    That cloud is amazing.
    Thanks for hav­ing such an inter­est­ing site, it is a trea­sure trove.

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