late night felting

Was inves­ti­gat­ing the idea of wet felt­ing as a pos­si­ble group activ­i­ty last night. The tuto­ri­als I read said that a felt­ed bead takes about 30 sec­onds to a minute to make, so I thought, I’ll just give it a try now! I have a bunch of rov­ing and there’s plen­ty of dish soap. 

But after an hour of rolling felt between my palms noth­ing real­ly came togeth­er. Just clumps of shape­less fuzz that aren’t stick­ing togeth­er (they will be put into good use as stuff­ing for plush­es). Pos­si­bly because I was try­ing to see if it would work with luke­warm water, because it won’t be pos­si­ble to use boil­ing hot water in group.

Then I read a cou­ple of tuto­ri­als of mak­ing felt bracelet with kids, and it involves warm water, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

It was indeed a lot eas­i­er. Here I am rolling the ends togeth­er on my own wrist. It was quite fun.


It turned out a bit big so I thread (or more like force, with the aid of a piece of wire) a red wood­en bead onto it.


It feels very soft.

Have a great week­end, everyone! 






3 thoughts on “late night felting

  1. Glad you found the bracelet tuto­r­i­al! They will love it! What are the ages of the kids? Nee­dle felt­ing would make those beads a lot eas­i­er. Would­n’t work for your class but you’d enjoy it :-).

  2. i’m not work­ing with kids at the moment, just thought boil­ing hot water + group of peo­ple does­n’t feel safe to me :S but i love nee­dle felt­ing! :D

  3. I have made bracelets and beads with chil­dren and adults. While it does take longer, I use tepid water and it works fine. To get an accu­rate bracelet fit, I use string. Have the per­son tie a piece of string around their wrist that can be slipped off and then felt over the string. (although I do love your quirky take on the bracelet!)

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