fun at harbourfront!

Hey that sort of rhymes :D


It was Thanksgiving day and a day full of kids’ craft activities at the Harbourfront

I think I’m really going to give the weaving a try in the near future. It was in my new year yarncrafting resolution but I never got around to it. I think it would make a great sky project! :D

We actually didn’t know that there was so much fun stuff going on, we went mainly to see the floating chopstick noodle bowl my friend Jenn and I made in the summer for Wise Daughters’ community yarnbombing project :D! It was exhibited at the Junction Design Crawl and moved to Harbourfront for the weekend :D  

We also learned to make pompoms under the pompom tree (Learned how to use the donut-shaped template! Magical how it works!).


We didn’t make paper quilts, but I thought it looked so beautiful swaying in the wind.


Then there was the Lego mosaic project. In conjunction to that there was an exhibition about cross stitch and cross stitch-inspired Lego art.

Here’s the cross stitch.


Here’s the cross stitch-inspired Lego art :D


Mike’s Lego mosaic masterpieces.


Then my friend inspired us to try something new — canoeing! (okay, it was only new to me, Mike’s learned to canoe before and I think my friend has too) Despite the canoeing site being a 3‑feet deep man-made pond, it was a pretty big deal for me because I’ve never canoed before. 

I even managed to snap a photo without dropping my phone into the water :D


After that I felt so good about myself I thought I could start dragonboating!

(Maybe… sometimes in the future.)


Have a great start to the week, everyone! 




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  1. you know, your comment just motivated me to get started on a weaving project! :D will report back soon! thank you, kate!

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