growing corals

Ever since I bought this book on knit­ting and cro­chet­ing seashells, fish and corals I stud­ied it almost every night. It’s on my bed­side table. Like bed­time reading.

So final­ly I start­ed mak­ing the bul­lion corals. It was a great way to prac­tice the bul­lion stitch, which I’ve been want­i­ng to learn for a long time but is very tricky, like every­one says on the interwebs. 

I was maybe going to make a brooch with it, but then it looked kind of odd­ly shaped and did­n’t quite look like corals. So I thought I’d try adding a few of oth­er kinds of corals in the book…


When I looked at it I thought, this could use a bit of yel­low. And it was get­ting too big to be a brooch any­way. So maybe I’ll just keep adding to it, and maybe it will turn into a minia­ture coral reef! :D

So almost every night I study the book to pick a coral that I want to make. I don’t always have time to add some­thing to it every night, but I still like to read the pat­terns. It’s a bit dorky, or even strange. But then Mike just told me that when he was a teenag­er he read the entire Pho­to­shop man­u­al cov­er to cov­er. And he still likes to read soft­ware man­u­als. I guess that’s why we get along :D

I wish I can make the knit­ted ones. That will take some prac­tic­ing. For now I will go through all of the cro­chet pat­terns first.

About a week lat­er I added the brain corals (yel­low) and some bub­ble corals (pale green).


I’m also adding patch­es of the aqua-colour “seabed” as I make more corals. I love how free-formed this project is.

Will keep post­ing pho­tos as it grows! :D


Have a love­ly Tues­day, everyone! 




6 thoughts on “growing corals

  1. This is so pret­ty; your col­or com­bo is per­fec­tion! I love how it’s grow­ing so organically!
    (Thanks again for inspir­ing me to try weav­ing as well! I post­ed about it the oth­er day!)

    Hope you’re hav­ing a love­ly week!
    Kate :}

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